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April 25, 2008


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Your houses look so gorgeous! Wonderful work!!

Gaby Bee

These little houses are absolutely stunning! Love them all!

Michelle Bown

Great to see your blog!
Your houses are gorgeous.
Michelle Brown

Greta Young

Stunning work Marg, as are your atc's on the Paper Queens site!

Lucy Leatham

Great to see you blogging Marg.
As you know I love your little houses & am proud to say that your class is the first class I have ever attended(and there are MANY) that I actually finished the project! Great class!

Susan Buckwell

Just love your little houses. I wish I was able to attend some of your classes, I would be a great experience. Cheers Susan B (Canberra)

Helen - Tassie

Great to see you have started a blog, your little houses are gorgeous...

Elizabeth Harms

Great to see you with a blog up and running now. Way to go..... love the little houses.

Sarah Drayton

Hi Marg!!

Love that you are blogging!!! I will add you to mine!!!
Hope you are ok?

Hugs Sarah xx


awww.. thanks Marg... loved your house class too... had such fun...


Looooved your class Marg - loved it all! You took me outside my comfort zone(ie: vintage browns). Thanks heaps!

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